Railway Vehicle Interior Materials

Railways require high reliability, safety, and comfort as a major mode of land transportation.
We have an eye for the newest trends and unique know-how from our many successes. These enable us to meet such needs.
We supply products that are always in step with the newest trends based on our original viewpoints and techniques.

Track Record of Product Adoption

JR West is using our attention-calling antislip agent,
Guri Hard Pro
at the renewal of their 221 series commuter trains.
This product is used mainly at the boarding areas on the platforms for new rapid and rapid trains on the Kyoto, Kobe, and Kansai lines, etc.
Guri Hard Pro

What is Guri Hard Pro?
  • Barrier-free antislip agent
  • Has both visibility and antislip effect
  • High abrasion and weather resistance
  • To be applied with a cartridge containing two types of liquid
This product is applied to the boarding areas for trains, etc. of the mass transit agencies.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., The Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd., Japan Transport Engineering Company, Nippon Sharyo, Ltd., Koito Electric Industries, Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Niigata Transys Co., Ltd., etc.